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Applicable to any type of document. No structured-data required.

extract data from pdf

3 Steps to build up your own AI model

define the document field

Step 1. Define the document field

Set up the necessary fields, and ANYFORM can extract the data automatically.

Step 2. Verify the model

Just upload a few documents to verify and you complete the model setting.

Step 3. Get started

Based on your requirements, ANYFORM can be exported as .txt, .csv or .jason and connect with your business systems.

Leading AI engine drives automation with high accuracy

analyze unstructured documents

Advanced layout analysis of brand new AI engine

Differ from traditional AI-OCR solution, ANYFORM analyzes the unstructured documents once you set up the model.

Support documents from any sources

The unique image processing of ANYFORM is able to handle any type of documents including scanned images, photos and source files. Common formats like PDF, PNG, Word and Excel are supported.

Multi-language recognizer

AI-OCR model, able to recognize various fonts including latin alphabets, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and etc., handles a large number of documents from global business.
automated AI learning makes the continuous progress

Automated AI learning system

With the number of documents processed grows, ANYFORM enhances the model accuracy by automatically learning from the accumulated data and ensures your data security at the same time.

design for cross device use

Use ANYFORM on all your devices

Easy to switch among your cellphone, laptop and desktop anytime, anywhere.

Upgraded technology enhances your work efficiency

Traditional OCR software Customized OCR project
Text recognizer
Automated layout analysis Based on the project scope
Image processing and adjustment
AI automated learning system
Multiple export formats Based on the project scope
Changeable model Based on the project scope
Duration for importing For days For days For months

Digitize your documents right now.